ICCE is looking at engaging both private and public stakeholders to support the initiative and to provide our partners with best-in-class approaches, tools & methods, and networks to successfully drive the Circular Economy implementation in the Brussels Region and beyond.

An ICCE partner is engaged on the long run (minimum three years): he is an active player. The partner contributes to settle Circular Economy and the ICCE in the Brussels Region, heart of Europe, and contributes to its development over the years.

The ICCE is welcoming members willing to demonstrate their interest and their support to the initiative. Materialised through a yearly subscription, the members will be part of the ICCE construction and will be able to contribute to the ICCE development.

The ICCE welcomes academic initiatives, supports PhD programmes and lecturing in MBAs, design, engineering, and disciplines defining the human environment. Academical organizations can support ICCE by programme participation and expert support.

The donor will support the ICCE within its overall vision and objectives. The ICCE welcomes both individual and groups to collectively contribute to Circular Economy (already happening) revolution.