Organisation of conferences linked to Circular Economy themes: Cradle-to-Cradle®, Built for disassembly, Urban Farming, Economy of functionality, Blue Economy, Biomimicry, Building Information Modeling, 3D printing and innovations, etc.

Panels of experts
Experts and partners gathered in the same room and/or by skype, available to support, advise and work with a company which activities or projects are dedicated to Circular Economy.

Experience centre
Sharing knowledge is the key to Circular Economy/Cradle-to-Cradle® development, and sharing experiences in participating in its implementation. The experience centre will firstly be a hands on build for disassembly workshops, from cell phones to buildings, from understanding to designing,  from learning to working.

Organisation of external activities
In order to nurture collaboration, to open minds and to generate business opportunities, the ICCE organises external activities to discover new Circular Economy & Cradle-to-Cradle® companies, systems and products.

Circular Economy evaluation
Definition of the referential guide to assess, measure and challenge Circular Economy’s criteria.

Marketing and Communication tools creation
Exhaustive creation of marketing and communication tools for industries willing to embrace (or already engaged in) Circular Economy principles.

Business Incubator
600m2 of available workspace to welcome companies which main activities are dedicated to implement Circular Economy with positive impact.

Organisation of trainings linked to Circular Economy themes: experts from specific domains will be invited to e.g. ‘Aquapony methods within the urban environment